Record of personal achievements in 2020

First Solo – 30th July

Congratulations to 15 year old Seb Van Der Stichele for being sent solo by his instructor, Daryl O’Flannagan whilst Ken Manly flew the Tug aircraft.

Diamond Goal – 12th July

Alex Gibbs does it again! This time by completing his Diamond Goal with his 302.7km flight of Parham – Hurstbourne Tarrant – Broad Oak – Parham in his DG300. Alex wisely added in Cocking to help with the navigation on the way back past Parham. It was a superb day, with lots of great climbs and several times had to cut short to avoid airspace. Also, he had to contend with cloud spread out at the two turn points and to overcome this he concentrated on staying high and looking for bits of cloud under the spread-out, which worked quite well for him.

Gold Distance – 30th May

Congratulations to Alex Gibbs for completing his Gold Distance with his 305km flight to Marlborough and Hungerford via Alton in his DG300 in 4:44 hours. Interesting task.

Diamond Distance – 30th May

Congratulations to James Hiley for completing his Diamond Distance with a 534 km flight up to Peterborough and back via Wiltshire (Avebury and Marlborough) in his Duo Discus. A long hot day in the blue thermals (airborne for 7 hours 40 minutes).

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