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Ridge soaring at its best at Southdown Gliding Club!

These past few days have shown that when there is a northerly wind the South Downs of the UK are the place to fly your glider. Ridge flying at Parham started on Monday of this week with a few intrepid pilots getting together and organising a tug pilot to get them on the ridge with […]

A Great Day on the Ridge

Those of you who follow Southdown’s Facebook Page will have already seen the fun had by many glider pilots last Friday (1st Dec) on a classic Ridge day. The wind was northerly around 15-20kts and the ridge offered great lift conditions between Butser Hill (near Petersfield in Hampshire) to Lewes (in East Sussex) ….. some even […]

Soaring Sunrise

A lovely video from Damian Leroux, one of our more experienced members… “A great little adventure. The forecast wind strength and direction made it look like there would be strong ridge lift of the first 2 or 3 hours after sunrise. So the idea was to launch before sunrise to get to a start point […]

Great Ridge Day on Sunday!

For those that couldn’t come to club last Sunday, you missed a pretty good ridge day (with occasional thermals) with some of our pundits achieving over 350km whizzing between Butser Hill in the west and Lewes in the East. We had around 10 visiting pilots with their gliders from other clubs and we did around […]

‘It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good’

A couple of Sundays ago on the 15th October it was misty and low cloud. The SSW wind didn’t bode well for a great day’s flying. Cloudbase of about 1200′ initially meant aerotowing was a waste of money, and it didn’t lift and start to break up until mid-afternoon. On these kinds of days it’s […]

Well done to ..

James Davis on going solo on Saturday 30th Sept …… just over a year since he joined the club. The weather was changeable throughout the day but a suitable slot appeared in the skies and James was sent forth on his own! Well done James and we look forward to you achieving further milestones!

Thank You From…..

John Bell, or should we say retired Wing Commander John Bell DFC, is shown seated in the K21 below. He’s a veteran from WW2 and served in the famous 617 squadron of Dambuster fame. He flew as a bomb-aimer in Lancaster bombers and, according to a 617 Sqn website blog, was in involved in raids […]