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19/001 16-Mar GROB109 GROUND Grob 109. Engine test run up on hangar apron with fuselage only (wings off). Pilot in cockpit. Reporter identifies clear risks involved in running up the engine in an area with members passing to and fro which are substantially increased by having wings de-rigged. Spinning prop has no visibility from rear. (C)
19/002 27-Mar ASTIR LAUNCH Astir. Self-release low on aerotow. Very low return to reciprocal landing on airfield. (C)
19/003 May LS3 LANDING Gear up landing. 4hr flight in -4ºC. Extended gear downwind. Forgot this action. ‘Extended’ gear on base, but retracted it. Noted the error at 50ft, elected to continue. Pilot acknowledged not suitably dressed for the conditions.
19/004 May LS4 LANDING Gear up landing in LS4. Calm evening, low stress flight. Approached high key, then diverted to extend flight. Forgot to extend gear. Pilot cited recency and low stress environment leading to low engagement. ©


05-Jun LS4 CIRCUIT Compromised circuit in LS4. PI advised: Too close to trees on northern border of field after late decision. Rt. hand circuit 22; wind SW c.15kts.  Entered circuit low after chasing weak lift. Error of judgment in not turning in front of trees but followed conventional circuit. Underestimated wind strength and drifted further north than anticipated. Noted it was alarming how rapidly the picture deteriorated from a simple turn in and land to something more serious. [c]
19/007 09-Jun K21/DUO DISCUS/SHARK CONFLICT Conflict between launching / landing gliders. Launching to the north, and landing to the south. Launch controller distracted by glider overflying launch point; decided that it wasn’t immediately going into circuit, so the All Out was given.  Duo on base and finals was not noticed so a conflict risk arose. Contributing factors: late in the day, insufficient help at the launch point; exacerbated by the members elsewhere
19/008 09-Jun ASTIR GROUND The dolly used for HOT has insufficient clearance for the undercarriage doors. One of the doors struck the dolly as it was being pushed onto the dolly. ©
19/009 05-Jun GROB109 GROUND A visitor drove around the wingtip of the Grob. The child in the backseat thought his door was not closed properly so opened it and slammed it closed.  It sounded like they had hit the aircraft wingtip but there was no evidence on the car nor the aircraft. Visitors should allow more room when driving past parked aircraft! Contributing factors: Why was a visitor’s car allowed airside – unlikely to be covered by insurance.
19/010 22-Jun SLINGSBY T21 AIRBORNE T21 land out in easterly. Misjudged wind strength and landed in crop next to airfield. No damage to a/c. CFI provided feedback to P1.
19/011 22-Jun ASTIR AIRBORNE Badge flight – disallowed 100k due to airspace infringement on final glide just east of Midhurst in the 3500′ zone. Moving map died earlier in flt. Pilot incorrectly thought the line went through Midhurst mast, took a climb to top up final glide, and flew in 3500 zone at about 3700 thinking it was 4500. Recognised infringement during post-flight analysis of the trace.
19/012 26-Jun K21 LANDING Flying ridge with ab-initio doing the flying. On return from 850ft hit heavy sink resulting in field landing to south of airfield. P1 noted he should have gone further east along the ridge past the 90° point to remove into wind component.
19/013 20-Jun K21 LAUNCH Aerotow out of Parham to Bognor for winch trials, wind awkward: West of SW, about 10 kts.  Super Cub was chosen (a) uses less fuel for lengthy tow (b) required for tug pilot Bognor training later. Tug pilot requested launch towards the south. The K21 heavy – both P1/P2 about 90kg. P1 aborted launch not getting enough peed or height by windsock. Tug pilot had no explanation for poor acceleration and tried again, this time holding the tug on its brakes initially, while etting max revs. We made it over the trees at the southern end, but really the margin was too small for comfort. Tugmaster noted that having aborted the launch once a better plan would have been to use a Pawnee. Provide feedback to tug pilot.
19/014 26-Jun TUG LAUNCH Tug taxied forward before command given and people holding the rope. Ended with the glider being pulled forward by ground crew to reach the rope. Reporter noted that tug pilots should wait until the rope is attached and the person putting the rope on is clear of the glider and holding the wings level. Tugmaster noted standard procedure is for the tug pilot to start taxiing into position once the cable is attached, the glider’s wings are level and ground crew are clear of the glider. If tug pilots always waited for a radio call to initiate taking up slack we would waste a lot of time and fuel. Tug pilot should have checked ground crew were clear of the glider/rope before taking up slack
19/015 30-Jun ASTIR LANDING Headrest dislodged while passing through a patch of turbulent air during approach to landing and hit the pilot quite hard on the back of the head. CSO: The headrest on GCL sits on a cross bar and pivots around the bar. It is easily removable. The incident occurred on the base leg and was followed by a scruffy and perhaps distracted approach. The pilot was a little shaken afterwards. This could have turned out worse.
TECH MGR: I have added cable ties to the headrest to make it more secure. The present system relies on friction between rubber and a metal tube which appears serviceable.
19/016 03-Jul LS4


CONFLICT Reporter noted that in a 5-6mph Northerly, the DG505 on a TL landed downwind and stopped in the landing area. At the same time the LS4 was returning on a long base leg from the East quite low, and was committed to land to the North. He landed between the DG505 and the fence
CFI provided a briefing to all instructors reminding them to exercise good airmanship.
19/017 14-Jul ASTIR LAUNCH Multiple incidents of wing drop on launch in ASTIR GCL. CFI suggests BGA advice to release in all circumstances may encourage ground loops.CFI requested early Astir pilots encouraged to fly HOT to see if tailwheel improves controllability for early solo pilots and provided recommendations in club magazine.
19/018 14-Jul TUG OTHER  Cub tow rope attached on the wrong way round on field retrieve. Tug pilot distracted while keeping children back and attached the glider strop end to the tug. The tow was uneventful but realized mistake after landing back at Parham.
CSO requested guidance from Tugmaster be published in Newsie Bits.
19/019 29-Jul TUG CLUB Knotted tow rope reported. Message to club members: We have had another KNOTTED aerotow rope towed on. This weakens or destroys the rope, so is a safety concern as well as more expense and work required to maintain the from our volunteers. Check the rope BEFORE you attach it to the plane

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