Fees & Tariffs 2021

From 1st January 2021

Standard Introductory Flight

Weekends and Wednesdays and bookable on certain Fridays (April-September).
Aerotow to 2500 feet and flight of up to 15-20 minutes £120
Includes one month’s Full Membership

High Flyer Introductory Flight

Weekends and Wednesdays and bookable on certain Fridays (April-September).
Aerotow to 3000 feet and flight of up to 30 minutes £140
Includes one month’s Full Membership

Group Rates (other than guests of members)


Groups of 5 or more who have arranged introductory flights to fly together on same day £100 per launch


Groups of 5 or more under-21s (e.g scouts, schools etc) who have arranged introductory flights to to fly together on same day £17 per launch

Refunds subject to £10 admin fee per group

Visitors /Non-club members

Members of Lasham and Ringmer  (Reciprocal) – Nil
Members of Surrey Hills (Weekends Only) – Nil
Members of ALL other BGA clubs – per day £12.00 or or £60 / 7 day week
Visiting Glider £5/day, £25/7 day week
Winter Membership £140 – includes Day membership for up to 2 non-members (within the same syndicate) per day and one trailer parking spot from Oct to March

Aerotow retrieve back to Lasham or Ringmer £85

Joining Fee    
Adult Flying Memberships £60
Junior (age 13 – 25)  £40

Annual Membership Fees
Full Flying Member (26 and over) £340
Dual Only full flying Member  (26 and over) £300
Junior Member (age 13 – 25) (Committee discretion below this age) £96

Joint Flying (husband & wife) £535
Restricted Associate (6 flights p.a.) £100
Junior Restricted Associate (6 flights p.a.) £50
Family Associate £35
Overseas  – only available to a previous full flying member:  £145

Social Member   £10

Flying Fees
Glider Hire  – 43p/min – no charge for instruction

(Cadets – 26p/min, Juniors – 35p/min)

Aerotow Launch

(Cadets – 40% discount on all aerotows)

(Juniors – 20% discount on all aerotows)

1,000 ft    £24.50
1,500 ft    £28.00
2,000 ft    £31.50
2,500 ft    £36.50
3,000 ft    £41.50
Then each additional 500 ft £5.00

Aerotow Simulated launch failure £10.00 + 0.43p/min

Winch Launch £10.00
Winch (Simulated or Actual ) launch failure £3.50

Club glider aerotow circuit training 1,000ft, under 10 mins
(log sheet must be signed by instructor)     £15.00

Friends and Family of member £75 per flight (no one month temporary membership included)

Motor Glider plus Instruction

(Cadets  40% discount, Juniors 20% discount)
Motorglider  rates (Tacho + Hobbs)

Tug and Grob 109 Rates
Tacho hour  – SuperCub £100
Tacho hour  – Pawnee £130
Tacho hour – Grob 109 (engine) £56.95
Hobbs hour – Grob 109 (airframe) £31.95
Aerotow retrieve (any location) tacho time – (min £32)
Descent on tow exercise additional £5.00
Guest of member – Grob 109 or SuperCub – tacho + Hobbs rates

Tug Retrieves
Aerotow retrieves back to Lasham or Ringmer £85.00
Other retrieves on tacho readings:
CUB (OI) £100.00 per hour
PAWNEE (PY & UC) £130.00 per hour

Facility Fees
Trailer £337
T-Hangar £395
Trailer plus T-Hangar £452
SLMG Trailer £557
SLMG T-Hangar £615
SLMG Trailer plus T-Hangar £672

Private hangar (club space)  £900

Non-airworthy glider – per year or monthly pro-rata per trailer £100

Refunds for full months only per trailer

Members Travelling Expenses

Per mile (with club trailer) £0.35
Per mile (without club trailer) £0.30

Club Flying Scheme (CFS)
Astir Syndicate £350 p.a.

Members gliders based at Parham – Free for 4 days p.a
Additional days can be booked and charged to flying a/c £10 per day.

Non-members gliders £20 per day or part thereof. £100 for 7 days.

Affordable Fees

Southdown Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), and fully supports the promotion and participation in the sport of gliding.

Gliding is by its nature one of the least expensive ways to go flying, and Southdown, as an all-volunteer club and CASC, has some of the most affordable fees in the UK.  We make it even more affordable for juniors (up to age 25) by offering a vastly reduced membership fee and a discount of 20% on flying fees.  In addition our young cadets, who are chosen by the club on the basis of flying ability, enthusiasm and contribution to the Club, have a 40% discount on flying fees.  Adults can also have a reduced annual cost by choosing an Associate Membership. 

If our standard charges present a problem to people on low income, the Club Committee will consider applications (in confidence) for a £520 annual fixed cost membership with flying plan and full access to all club activities.  Applicants must demonstrate to the club that they do not have the financial resources to pay our normal fees.  If you think you might qualify, please talk to the Membership Secretary in the first instance.