Southdown Gliding Club Awards

1. General

a. The presentation of each award is discretionary and is based solely on the judgment of the Ladder Steward, the Club Chairman and the CFI.

b. The Award Year is aligned with the calendar year..

c. For cross-country related awards there must be no more than four turning points in addition to the start and finish points.

d. Pilot Selected Speed Task flights are not eligible for club awards.

2. The Club Ladder

This consists of two leagues:

a. League One is open (anyone can enter).

b. League Two is Restricted to those who have not flown a 500km flight.

Both leagues award points for declared and undeclared cross-country flights and for height-gain flights.

Evidence of a successful turning at the Turn-point of the Year will earn a bonus of 500 points.

All flights claimed must have been flown according to the National Ladder Rules.

Pilots who wish to include flights in the leagues may do so either via the National Ladder web-site or via submission to the Ladder Steward of a completed written claim form within four weeks of the date of the flight. Forms for completion can be found with the other award and badge claim forms in the Clubroom. Flights will also be entered on the National Ladder.

The Yorke Gliding Cup
480g Sterling Silver

Awarded to the winner of the Club Ladder, League 1.

Noting that the Rules allow both declared and undeclared flights, flight evidence acceptable to an Official Observer will be required for this award and for the resolution of disputes. Height claims must be supported by barographic evidence validated by an Official Observer.

Yorke Gliding Cup

Allard Cup

For the winner of the Club ladder, League 2. 


Southdown Sky Sailing Club Challenge Cup

Distance Soaring
Presented by FW Leaney
1,200g Sterling Silver
William Neale & Sons Ltd Birmingham Pre 1941.

Awarded for the flight of Greatest Handicapped Distance flown from Parham. An eligible flight must have been flown according to National Ladder Rules.

Sky Sailing Challenge

The John Lawford Challenge Cup 1934 SGC

Height gain.
1921 Sterling silver 980g

Picture from the SGC album of Phillip Wills presenting this Cup to David Parsey.
Possibly at the Club dinner at Brighton in the late 1940’s.
David was CFI of SGC in 1957 when he emigrated to Canada where he remained active in gliding.

Awarded for the Greatest Gain of Height.  Preference will be given to flights within the UK. An eligible flight must be supported by barographic evidence validated by an Official Observer.

John Lawford

Challenge Cup

The Harry – Harting Rosebowl – Ridge run.

Presented by Brian and Heather Bateson. 1986.

Awarded for the fastest completed handicapped ridge run, flown according to National Ladder Rules.

Whilst the name of the trophy is unchanged, the eastern turning point is no longer Mount Harry. It is now Offham Church, a BGA turn point, Lewis Northwest (LWN).

The start line and finish line run from Southdown Clubhouse (50deg 55.32’ N, 0deg 8.43’W) to Kithhust Car Park (50deg 54’N, 0deg 28.5’W).

The maximum launch height is 1,000ft and Maximum start height is 1,000ft.

Only turn-points sectors are allowed. No barrels.

The finish of one run cannot be simultaneously the start of a following run. The start and finish of each ridge run must be clearly identified and separable from the start and finish of any other run.

The award of the trophy is contingent on presentation of acceptable flight evidence. This is unlikely to be other than logger evidence.

Harry Harting

Merritt Shield – Greatest distance – Older Glider.

The shield is now full with 23 entries, the last in 2012.

Awarded for the best flight in a glider having a speed index (Si) no greater than 90 according to the current BGA Handicap List. An eligible flight must have been flown according to National ladder Rules.

Merritt Shield

SG38 – SGC Old Timers Trophy

Made by Helmut Spanier of Bremen and given to Rod Walker who in turn presented it to SGC in 2004.

This trophy is awarded to a “senior pilot” for particular achievement during the year.


York-Bramble Trophy – Outstanding Contribution.

This discretionary award is presented by the Committee in recognition of distinguished contribution to the Club’s activities.

 York Bramble

Southdown Mutual Venture Trophy

Presented by Dick and Mary Dixon.
Greatest two seater distance.

Awarded for the greatest handicapped distance flown in a two-seater from Parham. For a club award a flight declaration would not be necessary but evidence of the flight would be required.

Note that P1 in a two-seater could claim a flight for the Club ladder and the National Ladder but in this case a flight declaration would be desirable and the flight would have to abide by the National Ladder Rules.

Southdown Mutual Venture

Southdown Gliding Club Task Week Trophy

SGC Task Week

The David Knight Trophy

Awarded to the most promising young pilot. At the end of an award year, an eligible candidate must be less than 26 years old.

The award is discretionary and takes into account flying progress and contribution to wider Club activities.

This trophy is currently unaccounted for.