Who can fly a glider?

Age ranges
Anyone under 18 years old will require the written  consent of a parent or guardian.  Children over 14 years old will be able to fly a glider at the discretion of  the instructor conducting the lesson. There is no upper age limit.

Am I too tall or heavy?
Any pilot will tell you it is important to be able to reach the rudder pedals. Generally speaking if you are taller than 1.42m you should be able to reach. However, if you are taller than 1.88m you may not fit inside the canopy.  Also worth considering is your weight. Ballast can usually be added for people who weigh under 8 stone/112lbs /50kg, but you may not be able to fly if you weigh more than 17 stone/108 kg. It will depend upon the weight of the instructor.

Can I fly if I have a disability or handicap?
If in doubt about health or you have a physical handicap, consult your doctor or contact us for further guidance. In the past we have successfully taught deaf people to fly and currently have disabled members who fly solo.

If you normally wear spectacles, you should always carry a readily accessible spare pair.

Minor illnesses, some prescription drugs and the donation of blood will probably make you temporarily unfit to fly.