Soaring Sunrise

A lovely video from Damian Leroux, one of our more experienced members…

“A great little adventure. The forecast wind strength and direction made it look like there would be strong ridge lift of the first 2 or 3 hours after sunrise. So the idea was to launch before sunrise to get to a start point 30km to the east before the sun rose. That way the first 70km leg of the task would be going west to avoid being blinded by the sun just above the east horizon. Unfortunately things did not go to plan! We took the covers off the wings and tailplane just before take off and I got airborne with a very thin layer of dew on the wings. My mate Paul got stuck in soft ground at his first launch attempt. A few minutes later the dew on his wings turned to ice. Thereafter ice formed on the wings as quickly as he could remove it, and it was not until a couple of hours after sunrise that the ice melted and he could launch. I arrived at the start point just as the sun was rising which was pefect. However, although the wind was 25 knots from the north which is straight on to the ridge there was very little lift! There appeared to be a deep layer of cold slow moving air almost up to ridge height so there was actually very little air going up the slopes. What a nice little flight it was anyway, beautiful and interesting, well worth getting out of bed early for.”

Great Ridge Day on Sunday!

For those that couldn’t come to club last Sunday, you missed a pretty good ridge day (with occasional thermals) with some of our pundits achieving over 350km whizzing between Butser Hill in the west and Lewes in the East. We had around 10 visiting pilots with their gliders from other clubs and we did around 50 launches. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves with some of our younger members getting their first experience of ridge flying!